Free Online Flash Game - Transformers Vs. Human

I love Transformers as a child, so I can't watch Transformers movie at an advanced screening last week. Every robot in the film attracts so much people all over the world, because them are super powerful!

Do you want to control them yourself? Now, you can easily do it in the online flash game, which named Battle for the Allspark. It is free! In this flash game, you are a commander. First choose your side,

Transformers flash game, Battle for the Allspark

pick any robot you like and name him,
free online flash game of transformers

and then enter into a map.
transformers map of flash game

You will select any region to enter into, and then the whole battlefield displays in your sight.
transformers battle in flash game

This is a battle between good and evil robots. Find an opponent and defeat him in a single combat!
transformers combat in flash game

Be careful, your enemies also are controlled by different players from all over the world. I have not won a victory so far. :) Play this flash game and chat with all Transformers fans at the same time. Very interesting! Enjoy it at official site.

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