Convert MKV file to iPod, MKV to PSP and other popular video formats fast and easy!

Want to convert MKV file to AVI, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, PS3 or Xbox? If so, you have to try Xilisoft MKV Converter. It is a great MKV converter I used - easy, fast and efficient. This MKV Converter not only can convert MKV file to any other popular video formats, but also extract MP3, WMA, WAV etc.audio from MKV file to enjoy them on random audio palyer.

Check all the MKV files you want to convert, and hit one button to convert MKV to AVI and various video formats in multithreading and multi-processing mode. Simply use the MKV Converter to split one MKV file to several, compress a large MKV file to smaller one, and output multiple files from one MKV file at the same time and so on.

It supports much more settings to help you realize the output file customization: video codec, video size, bit rate, frame rate... This program allows you to complete all tasks by simply one clicks. Now, do you decide to download it to try?


To tour all featured buildings in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games online

The 2008 Summer Games will be held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, from August 8 to August 24, immediately followed by the 2008 Summer Paralympics from September 6 to September 17. Now you can view all the featured buildings in Beijing Olympic Games including National Stadium, National Aquatics Center, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Beijing Workers' Stadium, Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court etc. using Google Earth. So wonderful! Link here


Undelete Plus, fast recover accidentally deleted files or folder

It often happens to delete some files and later realize that you needed them. Or, another situation may be to accidentally delete a folder and then strive to retrieve it. Thanks to the technology available today, you can recover the files you delete and are also wiped from Recycle Bin. I for instance gave up the Recycle Bin safe net and every time I wipe a file from my computer, it is surely gone. And I, like most users, lost many files by accidentally shift-deleting them.

However, I was still looking on the Internet for software that can assist me in recovering them fast and easy. Fortunately, a series of freeware flooded the Internet and with great effort, I was able to find a tool that could complete my task. Undelete Plus is a nice utility for recovering the data that you have just deleted. It is a quick and effective way to restore accidentally deleted files.

As far as we know, the files and folders you delete from your hard disk are not really deleted and only their name is lost. The moment you write new files on the drive, overwriting takes place and only then the lost data is getting corrupted and harder to recover. The same applies in the case of Undelete Plus. When retrieving the data, try saving it on a different drive then the one you are recovering from. The interface Undelete Plus is very nice and easy to handle.

Meanwhile, it even supports multi-language for worldwide use. I recommend the freeware to avoid deleting your files by a mistake. After all, it won't even take too much space on your hard disk. Try it out. It runs on Windows Vista well.


Convert any video to 3GP for your mobile phones using Movavi 3GP Video Suite

Whatever magic you want – catch a fantastic moment in a split second in your mobile phone, if that has the facility, make it an audio-visual memoir with sound, design, color, sub-titles and any other gimmick like a Hollywood cameraman you can do. Thanks to technology advancement, the 3GP video converter makes all of them possible.

3gp video converter and dvd to 3gp converter for all 3gp video conversions

Movavi 3GP Video Suite includes two products in one package: DVD to 3GP and 3GP Video Converter. The best part of it is Microsoft Vista compatibility which is the latest in computer interface. The new and cute looking, Vista-compatible Movavi 3GP Video Suite is filled with latest technology for 3GP faster conversion of the videos you take very easily to any other format iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune; WMV and Real Media; splitting the video in anyway you want in segments and sizes; filtering to the core to get the essence; fixing and overlapping colors, designs, animations etc.; copying with crystal clear finishing any number of times; burning to DVD, SVCD or VSD discs with utmost ease after editing your own creation of a fantastic video film. Special effects are no more cumbersome – if you want old movie effect in black and white of Chaplin age there is provision to do and you can at any time come back to its original version in seconds again. It is sure that Movavi 3GP Video Suite can serve what you want.


Boost the Internet connection by 50% with a great freeware tool

Do you want to improve the performance of your Internet connection? Yeah, I did. I installed a great tool, which named Enter the Internet Registry on my computer to boost my Internet connection effectively. The result is truly amazing. And the freeware boost my Internet connection really fast. It loads web pages faster than ever before. It has ability to work with most connections including Modem, ISDN, Cable, DSL, LAN, Wireless, T1 and T2. Usually, this app tweaks some of the Internet settings found in Windows Registry which can boost Internet connection by 20-50%. It is very easy to use by clicking one button, and also it provides an advanced mode for expert users. Whatever Internet connection way you used, the freeware is a useful tool to optimize your computer settings for making surfing fast. Download link

download freeware to boost your Internet connection