Tracks Eraser - Internet Tracks Cleaner for Protect Personal Privacy

Tracks Eraser Pro is my favorite personal privacy protection software for cleaning almost all the history data, such as cache, cookies, temp files, address bar, and others in my system. Also the privacy software is very good at cleaning history data of popular applications (Realplayer, RealOne, Media Player, QuickTime, MS Office, Winzip, etc.) and releasing the free space of your drivers.

internet tracks eraser screen

The Internet tracks eraser supports all popular browsers. You can use the personal privacy software to wipe history data from IE, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL and Opera. Now I used IE7, and I like this feature very much! This easy-to-use software allows me to create schedule eraser, and it will start an eraser on Windows startup or shutdown.

Beside this personal privacy software is very useful to prevent anything to modify my homepage, Tracks Eraser Pro helps me shred files easily and runs in the background silently with few CPU usage.
internet tracks eraser for cleaning system

The test mode of Tracks Eraser Pro can be used to show you what kind of history will be deleted before they are really deleted. The great privacy software can work on Windows Vista, too. Try it yourself! Download Tracks Eraser. Hope you like it!

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eagerblogger said...

Oh, this is good. I will definitely try this and recommend it to friends. :)