Apple iPhone to Mac - Transfer files between Mac and iPhone with iPhoneDrive

iPhoneDrive was absolutely designed for Apple iPhone and Mac users. Want to transfer your files from Mac to iPhone, or backup data in iPhone to Mac? iPhoneDrive is the right one!

At last few days, I recommended a useful tool to transfer Apple iPhone to PC conveniently. Now the great program easily helps you transfer data between Apple iPhone and Mac for Mac OS X users. iPhoneDrive was introduced by ecamm, who designed lots of excellent software for Mac, such as iGlasses, iChatUSBCam, iChatter and more.

iPhoneDrive is so easy that backups any kind of file from your Apple iPhone to Mac, or smoothly transfers files from Mac to iPhone, and even between Macs. With a friendly interface, you can simply drop files to or from iPhoneDriver window. Although this tool doesn't support renaming a file once it is on your drive presently, I assume iPhoneDrive will fix it as soon as possible.

Nowadays we can easily take any important data with us using iPhone. iPhone is, but not just a mobile phone! Try iPhoneDrive now

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