Apple iPhone to PC - Transfer Multimedia files Music, Video, Photo from iPhone to PC

Apple iphone to computer

This is easy! With Tansee iPhone Transfer, you can freely transfer your favorite songs from Apple iPhone to PC, or iPod to PC. It is so great that gives Apple's iTunes users who can't copy music from Apple iPhone iPod to PC desktop or laptop since iTunes blocks iPhone iPod to computer transfer.

As long as connect your Apple iPhone or iPod to computer, Tansee iPhone Transfer will show all the content of iPhone or iPod, including audio and video multimedia files. And you can view all information about each file, including title, file size, album, artist, genre, and filetype. You can easily select one or several files(by Ctrl key) to transfer from apple cell iphone phone or iPod to computer by clicking "Copy" button. Download Tansee iPhone Transfer now!

Also, you can use the same way to transfer photos from your Apple iPhone to computer with Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo, which supports BMP and JPEG format files. Both iPhone Transfer songs and iPhone Transfer Photo are very easy to use. Maybe you will find more!

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