Simply Upgrade Internet Explorer ( IE7 ) with IEToys

Which version of IE browser do you use IE7, IE6, or IE5? As far as I know, these days the number of IE browser users is larger than any other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari and more.

Just the other day, I recommended a file uploader for videos, photos and songs to users who used Firefox browser. Now this free and powerful add-on was specially designed for all the users who prefer IE browser by Bayben. IEToys is a useful add-on to make your IE even better and won't slow down or destabilize IE.

IEToys is a absolute web-based dictionary tool. You can easily click Highlight to highlight text by right-click, and then looks up the selected text in WikiPedia or on Google and MSN. If you come across a word whose definition you've forgotten long ago while reading, select a word and click Define by right-click. The definition will popup in a window of its own. It is very clever!

Usually, you want to read a web page, but the page is full of bored images that you don't want. With IEToys, simply right-click the page and choose Delete Images to cleanup them quickly. And also you can easily collect all images on a page by choosing Image List. Simply use this way to copy an image into your clipboard by clicking on the image, and the screen flashes green as the image is copied.

IEToys provides IE7 Clear Tracks, which can be used as a IE privacy keeper, to clean all browsing history, cookies, etc, and allows you to view the HTML source code conveniently.
If you are a broadband user, this tiny tool is better for speeding up downloads. Specifically, IE will download up to 16 files simultaneously from a server, instead of the default maximum of 2 or 4.

IEToys isn't a name that sings, but it does add more flexibility to IE browser with lots of tools that you can select any of them to use while installing. It is great! Why not enhance your IE browser with IEToys? Download IEToys

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eagerblogger said...

This is cool. I prefer using Firefox however. I got used to it, I guess. :)