How to play flash game Samorost2 - a funny puzzle game

funny flash game screen

Samorost2 is a very funny puzzle game that I found these day. It is a great puzzle game for both adults and kids. This magic story takes place in the beautiful universe. It is a flash game, and very easy to play just only point and click with your mouse. Samorost2 is so magnetic that makes our friends obsessed with game, and me too. :)

Samorost2 created two chapters for players. Main character in the puzzle game is the little white gnome whose dog has been kidnapped by the aliens. Your mission is to rescue the poor puppy. This is chapter one in the flash game. The chapter two, you must think out a plan to help the main character and his dog return their home, because our friends had a little accident and are stranded on a very weird planet.

main character in flash game

When I played this flash game with my friend at first time, we had no idea to start it. Finally, I found the game always gives us some hints to solve every problem, but some of them are hard to found. That's why the game attracts me so intensively. Anytime and anywhere you have to think, think, think! This is also the only need you to do. Don't want to try? Play this game at home page of Samorost2. If you need to help, you can view the guide which tells you how to solve each trouble.

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