Nexus Radio lets you listen Internet Radio with PC or Portable Devices anywhere!

It is an excellent Internet radio player, and even helps listeners to record their favorite radio content for playback on PC or any portable device, such as Apple iPhone and iPod that supports MP3s. Now the Internet radio player is popular with all radio lovers from many different countries. This great Internet radio player named Nexus Radio.

Internet radio player for radio recording

Nexus Radio offers listeners over 6000 radio stations and 38 music genres. Simply find out your favorite radio and songs from a rich variety of radio stations resource. Just one click to record Internet radio, it offers an easy-to-use TiVo style recording feature that automatically records your radio content for later playback. Furthermore, this Internet radio player provides an audio editor and ID3 tag Tag editor that can be used to edit Artist Name, Song Title, Album, etc. And even user can select one of visual effects to see in Radio Visual mode. Very interesting! It is really an ideal Internet radio player to listen radio with my iPod anywhere. You too! Free to use!


Ed said...

With Internet, CD's and I-pods, I never listen to radio anymore. I was asked to do co-op radio ads too and just don't have much faith in that media.
Nice Blog!
Grace and Peace,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my site. Thanks for your comment.