Workrave Reminds Computer User to Rest in time everyday!

It is the time to have a rest now! When the message pop up in front of you on screen, you should short break for eyes, and then continue to work. If you work with computer most of the time in a day like me, I think it is very helpful for you. With this useful tool, we won't forget to have a break from computer.

Nowadays so much people work with computer everyday, and the busy work makes people ignore health for themselves. That's wrong! Workrave is a free tool that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This program can work under Windows and Linux system smoothly and support multi-language. Workrave enables user to set rest breaks, micro-pauses and restricts of daily limit as user's need. After that it will pop up a reminding window frequently and have a sound to alert user that your rest-time reached. Of course, you may skip the reminder if you can't stop important work at present.

More to the point, Workrave has a built-in gymnastics system that can be used to teach user how to recovery and prevention of RSI by playing demo. This application is very effective to keep our good health. It is sure that Workrave is a necessary tool for each computer user. I recommend it to you! Stop for a bit and take a rest from now on. Download free Workrave from here.

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