Open-Source VLC Media Player for your media files

When you want to play a media file, nothing is ever as easy as VLC Media Player it should be. VLC Media Player offers a simply solution for the media file-format problem. It plays lots of media file you could imagine such as MP3, MP4, DivX, DVD, VCD and more, and can read and broadcast streams as well as read from capture devices such as webcam and TV tuner. VLC Media Player is skinnable and offers different versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating system. Simply play any type of media file your throw at it.

However the interface of the Media Player is ordinary, which can't hold my interest at all. It does a very bad job at playing flash (swf) video files. But VLC Media Player evolves quickly, with new features and fixes released frequently as an open-source application. It will fix these flaws in later version, I think. Download to use from here

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