Save my favorite Flash Movies and Games from IE with Flash Hunter

Nowadays various flash movies and flash games are plug-in of Internet Explorer, and lots of them are so great that make me want to save them to disk and then watch or play them on my computer offline. Do you like to collect excellent flash movies and games? If so, you could try the useful Flash Hunter program that I used it to catch and save flash from web page.

As long as Flash2X Flash Hunter runs as standard application, it fast lists all flash movies in your browser and enables you to easily save them to your computer. Flash Hunter allows you to preview flash in its window, and it is very cleaver to detect any proxy settings from IE if you used proxy server. Flash Hunter is paid software that costs $14.95, and it can work with any browser just like IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. With this great tool, you won't miss any wonderful flash movies and games online.

Want to know how the Flash Hunter saved flash? Simply download the flash game Bomb It to play from my blog, which I saved from online using Flash Hunter. :D

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