Not ZoneAlarm, another great Free Personal Firewall Software

Personal firewall software became more and more important for Internet security. As far as I know, ZoneAlarm is a very popular firewall program around the world. But it isn't all, Comodo Firewall Pro is one of excellent firewall software also. Do you know this personal firewall software?

free personal firewall software download

Comodo Firewall is a smart program, which provides friendly interface and powerful features. It efficiently monitors applications and network and defends computer from Internet attacks for me. This firewall software helps me to analyze each alert and give me detailed logs to understand. It even allows me to choose any program to access Internet or not so that real time protects my computer. Particularly, the personal firewall software classifies more than 10,000 applications according to their risk level such as safe, spyware, adware etc.

free firewall software for internet security

It is very easy to use, and Comodo firewall provides three security modes(Block All, Custom, Allow All) and details of each task. You don't need to know the complex questions like Ports, Protocol, IP and others at all. The firewall performs well in the background quietly all the time using lower CPU. It is a great tool for family users! What do you think about it? Download your own language version to try!

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