Give Up Windows Explorer instead of Power File Manager, xplorer2

Today I want to tell you a powerful file manager which named xplorer2. It gives me too much flexibility for files and folders management. Have you heard of this file manager? It is paid software, but the lite version is free of charge. Only a few features are disabled, just like check duplicates and compare subfolders functions. Personally, it provides enough features for me.

file manager and floder manager

The file manager allows you to operate two different folders at once and display all files in each folder. Simply preview any text and image when you selected. I like this feature very much! Because I usually need to open different folders to work simultaneously, it is easier to copy and past than Windows Explorer.

It can be used to split, merge or crush files easily. Also I used it to manage my Favorite folder, IE history, Startup, free space of disks. Remarkably, you can create scripts to process file using DOS command line with the file manager directly as long as you are an advanced user. It is effective to save your work time with the file manager. Why not enhance your system using xplorer2?

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