Network Security for Blocking Network Attacks from Hackers with LinkScanner

Nowadays Internet has greatly influenced every aspect of our life and work. Thousands of people in the world enjoy surfing on the Internet every day. Network security is a very important issue as a part of Internet, which attracted more and more people's attentions. So we have to install many Antivirus, Antispy, Firewall and other programs for protecting computer and personal privacy information. Which do you choose?

free network security software

Do you consider LinkScanner that checks the site's URL to evaluate its security rating before you click on it? Yeah...it is very useful! This program automatically analyzes web site content and safety, and then displays different color icon to mark safe or bad site in real time. Using this way to block various attacks from hackers as you search and browse any site, it is very efficient to avoid risk before malicious content injected in system.

hacker blocker linkscanner

At the same time, LinkScanner monitors all applications from your computer to communicate with the Internet passing through your firewall. Simply ensure network security and keep your surfing safe!

The Lite version is free, but now it is fortunate that the official of LinkScanner provides one year of LinkScanner pro free to use. Just now updated my Lite version to Pro, Aha.

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