Wonderful audio enhancement software brings top-quality sound effects playing game, listening music and watching movie

Do you want to enjoy the top-quality sound effects when you're playing game, listening music or watching movie? Usually I play various game and listen music with my PC. When I found this program, I like it very much! SRS Audio Sandbox is professional audio enhancement software that offers amazing audio immersion and maximum thump for a personalized audio experience. This software is very useful using SRS Labs audio enhancement technology. It provides many cool presets for music, movie, video and game. The program includes custom settings for 2 or more speakers. You even see sound wave in the full panel size. The advanced controls allow you to adjust SRS 3D Space level, SRS 3D Center level, SRS Trubass level, Speaker Size, etc. Usually this software run in the background of the computer as a tray icon. That makes you conveniently switch enable mode and disable mode as your wish. And it has a mini user interface which makes me love it very much! Also it is very convenient to use. However, it is paid software. I'm hesitating whether I'll buy it.

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