Not a bad Christmas present for Apple iPod owners - DVD to iPod converter

It is very hard to choose presents for the coming Christmas day. Think, think and think, now every one is prepare to present, me included. This year I have a good idea to satisfy my friends and family. I decide to select some useful software for each person. Aha. Cucusoft DVD to iPod + iPod Video Converter Suite is a nice choice for who has Apple iPod.

The DVD to iPod is an easy program for single DVD file or batch files to iPod conversion.dvd to ipod converter software The Quick Guide will display in the start interface as long as user ran this program. Following the user guide to convert dvd to iPod easily, anyone can use it without any problem. Once user open a DVD from computer, it can show user detailed DVD info with a individual window and display dvd file in the left window. Simply change corresponding settings in the main interface and switch direct and batch modes just clicking a button. At last, press Convertconvert dvd to ipod easily button to start file conversion. It will fast finish DVD to iPod conversions automatically. Download link.

And the iPod Video Converter can be used to convert various video formats as your wish. I wrote it at my blog and you can see it here. Both of the programs are extremely easy, I think! And they are useful software for all Apple iPod owners.

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