Encrypt or Decrypt files with Open-Source disk Encryption software, TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is useful open-source disk encryption software to encrypt or decrypt file or disk for use. The free disk encryption software was designed for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume, that is to say my data is encrypted or decrypted right automatically before they are loaded or saved without any my intervention. Anyone has no way to open my encrypted file or disk without my correct passwords. :)

The encryption software offers different encryption algorithms to make my file safe, and the encrypted file can be copied to a mounted TrueCrypt volume just like it is copied to any normal hard disk. And then files are decrypted automatically while the encrypted files are read from TrueCrypt. It is really that my private files are safe in my computer. Well, the free encryption software provides both Windows and Linux version for using.

Although TrueCrypt offers various functions to use, I'm sure anyone use this file encryption software without any problem for TrueCrypt provides so detailed user guide to lead users to use it easily. Adobe Reader needs to install on computer firstly. Using user guide I encrypt/decrypt my files favorably. Found the encryption software from truecrypt.org.

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