Want to Encrypt Files surely with Free 128 bit File Encryption Tool

how to encrypt file and create exe files Is there any important or private file in your personal computer? Are you always worried that someone might spy on these files and find your secrets? Take it easy! With Kruptos 2, a powerful 128 bit file encryption tool helps you to encrypt sensitive files in security. It is sure that Kruptos 2 keeps any file safe as your need.

This program provides simple interface and makes you use it easily without any special knowledge. Meanwhile Kruptos 2 supports creating self decrypting files function that allows you to generate one or multi-file to a self-extracting encrypted file. After that users can decompress it handily just like run any other programs with correct password.

how to encrypt files

This tool uses windows explorer plug-in which makes you encrypt or decrypt file simply using right-click menu of Explorer. It is very effective to delete and remove any file and all its traces from disk in a secure way via "Shred", so it can't be recovered by usual data recovery tools.

When you encrypt files with your passwords, you'd better enter a password hint which can be retrieved easily by right-clicking the file and selecting View password hint. Although file encryption is very easy, it is very difficult to open an encrypted file without passwords. So you must remember your passwords.

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