TTL a Unique Disk Space Manager and Disk Cleaner

The newest version of Time To Leave is free now! It is a useful paid program at one time that can be used to manage disk space and clean up your PC with unique way. Unlike other disk cleaners, Time To Leave allows you to set the lifetime of any file or folder, and when the lifetime of file or folder expires, the disk cleaner will move it to Recycle Bin, Simply erase, or Secure erase automatically. This means that you can easily delete the file on a schedule. It is very great to fully control the lifetime of all files and folders on your own computer!

disk cleaner and disk space manager

You will never need to run any disk cleaner or sweeper as long as install Time To Leave on your disk. Meanwhile this program can help user to manage disk space. Once free space reach the lowest limit, some actions can be done. This is not just a duplicate of Windows internal function, but also have the advanced option to kill files, that you can Sacrifice to keep free space. If the disk space would become too low, these sacrificed files and folders that you marked will be removed. This is a convenient way to check the disk space anytime.

With Time To Leave you will never forget about the file and it will consume its space for long time. Absolutely it is a very useful small program.

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