Cool Web-based application offers typical desktop in your browser

Web-based applications are getting more and more popular with all over the world. We easily take advantage of web-based applications to work, study and entertainment using a web browser, and there is no need to install various software programs on our own computer. It is very convenient to use online.

Just the other day, I found a cool Web-application to edit and share photos. Do you want another? Yeah, StartForce is another useful web-based application to provide a typical desktop in your web browser. It offers My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, My Shares, Messenger, Writer, File Uploader, Web Browser, Text Editor and many more just like remote desktop in a computer. It is very easy!

file uploader, text editor

This is very useful to save your important folders and files online, and then opens them to work wherever even you are out of office without any removable memory. Also you can save favorite pictures, music, videos... and freely chat with your friends using StartForce IM that combine with ICQ, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and GTalk messengers. Unfortunately, being a web-based application, StartFroce has a few flaws that should clear up in later versions, I think. It just offers 10MB storage space and can't support hotkeys.

free web-based applications

Is it amazed? Yes. Simply create an account and then enjoy it yourself!


Social Citizen said...

Looks like an interesting tool! I love any sort of web-based photo sites so I'll have to check-it-out when I have a little time!

Jackie said...

Good! Thanks for your comment. I'm sure you will like it very much!