Online Photos Editor, Share your Photos to Flickr, Picasa or Facebook

These days, the Web-based applications become more and more popular, because it is fast, smooth and powerful. Besides, it can work on all computer, whatever you used, Windows, Mac, Linux and others. Simply use the applications whenever you want, as long as your computer connected to Internet.

Do you upload photos into popular web site, such as Flickr, Picasa or Facebook frequently? Or do you like to edit your photos usually? If so, I'm sure that you will like this great site very much, which provides powerful features to edit, fix and share your photos conveniently. It is a wonderful photo-editing application online, which created by picnik.com. Moreover, all of these are free of charge.

This application gets your photo from any popular photo sharing sites directly or your hard disk. It supports almost all editing feature like other image editing software, including rotate, crop, resize, color, remove red-eye and so on. Undo, Redo and special effects features are supported also. You can use it to fast improve photos, and then post them to photo web sites, or save them to your own computer. Of course, you can email your edited photos to your friends or even print them by clicking.

In a word, it is fast, easy and fun. It gives you a new way to edit online photos from one place. I really like it very much! Enjoy it to everyone!

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