RealPlayer 11 - Simply Download and Save Videos from Internet

After I used the new version of RealPlayer 11, I like it very much. The newest version of RealNetworks Inc.'s RealPlayer, which offers a new feature that simply copy any video from the Internet onto my computer, if only these videos aren't protected by a copyright.

New RealPlayer can smoothly run on Windows Vista, and smartly monitor the webpage in your browser(I used IE7 and Mozilla's Firefox). As long as a video appears, you can see a tiny message like this RealPlayer to download video

when move mouse on the video. RealPlayer allows you to copy an entire video without watching it, which is to say you may copy the whole clip from anywhere of the video. It is very great! Yes, just click your left-mouse, you can save any video you like.

Remarkably, RealPlayer supports downloading many videos at the same time. You can see and control each task in a separate small window, but if the video is copyright protected, you can see a message that says 'Video Cannot Be Downloaded' with a one-line explainer on digital rights.

Download videos using RealPlayer

RealPlayer also can be used to record live streaming video in real time and save the recorded video into "My Library" automatically. This player provides features of burning a DVD/VCD/CD, but you need to pay for it to do these.

realplayer for dvd burner, cd burner

Simply save any favorite videos into drivers on your computer and share them with friends using RealPlayer 11. Enjoy it!


Dave said...

Wow great! Now i can download latest Realplayer already.


Marcus said...

I never liked Real Player... It was always too... commercialized.

Anonymous said...

The new version of realplayer is very useful. It is easier to download than before. Try it yourself!:)

Anonymous said...

Where do the downloaded files go ??? I have searched my HDD to no avail. Where!!!!!!