Share Video, Audio, Photo and Chat with P2P users using Free P2P software, Ares

Ares is a very interesting P2P application that offers a sleek and easy-to-use interface. Unlike other free P2P software Ares not just supports to browse internet directly, manage downloaded files conveniently with the powerful library organizer, play audio and video files using a built-in player, download and upload any digital file for sharing, but provides multichat service for all Ares' users. Once Ares is installed, all you need to do is select the search tab and type the names of the files you want to download. Simply double click on it to begin downloading as long as they appear.

free p2p software for downloading and uploading files

chat with other p2p users easily

Click on the chat tab and connect to one of the thousands of channels available if you want to talk with other P2P users. You can pick up tips on how to use Ares better, and ask which files other users recommend or just chat and meet new friends. It is very easy to keep a list of your favorite chat channels by adding to favorites.

However, sometimes it can't properly search for a file quickly for constant connectivity troubles and doesn't offer quite as much download sources for me. Surely Ares is an open source file for free to use, which supports multi-language and skins also. Write your Nickname and enter into the P2P world now.

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Wow, it is very good! I like it. Thanks for sharing.