Sony Ericsson AMR files Converter freeware to convert Mobile Phone AMR to WAV format

MMS is a message for entertainment that includes sound, picture and text for view in mobile phone. Now with the widespread use of mobile phones, MMS is becoming more and more popular among people all over the world. And the AMR format is used widely by many mobile phones for sound recordings and MMS. Sometimes I want to make some AMR files conversions, so I searched this Mobile AMR converter for that.

freeware mobile phone amr file converter for amr to wav conversion

It is a freeware program that can be used to convert amr to wav file, and also convert mp3 to amr, wav to amr or convert several wave(.wav) file into one SP file, sp to wav files. This program has an easy interface that makes any user use it without any problem just like 1-2-3. It is very great tool for my Sony Ericsson mobile phone, but I don't know if it works well for other style mobile phone. I wonder if you could tell me how it works after trying with other mobile phone. Download link.


Robert Verhagen said...

I have a Sony Ericsson Z610i, the application works well, Thanks!

Robert Verhagen said...

Works for my old Nokia 6260 too, should work with any phone that uses the AMR codec to record, which is most modern phones.

Editor said...

awesome, works perfectly for sony 850i

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for all your info. I'm very glad to see you like it.


Anonymous said...

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rashid1891 said...

good picture ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;