Freeware Recipes Ship collects much more wonderful recipes

It's the time to prepare a lavish dinner for the coming holiday! These days I'm looking for some wonderful cookbooks and recipes. And I'll share each great recipes software program with everyone. This is a very happy thing. Recipes Ship is one of great recipe software, which allows user to collect exchange and organize recipes and more. It contains a large number of delicious recipes including beef, candy, dips, fish, fruit and much more, and even supports user to download more recipes from website. You can add, delete or edit any recipe category, as well as any recipe easily. It is very convenient to print out recipes and create web pages with Recipes Ship. Well, all of these are free to use. Cook your favorite recipe with it right now!

recipes ship offers lots of cookbooks and recipes
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Anonymous said...

Krecipes is a f/oss program that lets you store and share recipes in a similar manner.

to my knowledge it is compitable with all forms of linux but im uncertain about windows or mac's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your suggestion and comment.