Batch Download 1000 videos from YouTube with TubeSucker

YouTube video downloaderI looked for a just little downloader to batch download my favorite videos from YouTube. TubeSucker is the right YouTube videos downloader I have used just now. Yeah...it enables user to batch download more than 1000 video files at the same time. TubeSucker is not just a YouTube video downloader, but a Media control center to remotely control Media Player to play all your video and music from your PC. And even you can watch downloading videos from YouTube on TV. Great!

Type in a search topic or artist name, click and go. Come back later and have tons of videos on your hard drive ready for instant playback. You can also use the Download all videos from YouTube for a search, or download playlists, channels, or categories. I downloaded a video file from YouTube, and then I clicked on the Play tab for the built in player, and I then clicked on Email Link, and viola, it pops are an email message with the YouTube link of the video I just downloaded, all ready to go. Just one click. Easy!

Moreover user can download videos from any site and download videos of your MP3 collection with one click using this application. TubeSucker is a free tool for use, which includes a programmable tab browser when you install it on your PC. It is necessary for an FLV video codec to enable Windows Media Player to play FLV files. Well, the YouTube video downloader runs on Windows Vista smoothly. Installed Windows Media Player 11 before you use this downloader.

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