Find great flash software for flash movie conversion

These days, there are so much excellent flash online. Do you like them? I do. I like to save all the funny flash works that I found, and then convert flash swf files to video format files(convert swf to avi, convert swf to mpeg). Burn these video files into VCD, SVCD or DVD and make it easy to store.

Flash2Video is the great flash software that I used. The reason that I choose it for it is almost the cheapest one($29.95) compare with other similar shareware(commonly above $40.00) that provides same features. You can see Wondershare Flash to Video Converter $39.95, Moyea SWF to Video Converter $79.95, Amor SWF to Video Converter $49.00. The shareware was designed to convert flash swf files to AVI or MPEG files, which is the right format for burning into VCD, SVCD or DVD.

It is said that the flash software provides the fastest conversion engine in the world. I used it for flash movie converting really very quickly! And it is very easily to use, only add my flash swf file or files into the flash software, click convert button, that's all! All the conversion task can be done automatically, and I could watch my flash file at the same time. Of course, I can get the video files with high quality.

If you are looking for a tool just like it, download and try the flash movie converter. It is very useful! Download the flash movie converter from its home page:
http://www.mysupersoft.com/, and buy the flash software from here : http://www.sharewareplaza.com/Flash2Video-download_28235.html, the only one site provides discount price $26.95 (10% discount).

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